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melamine and terra-cotta

Melamine Bird Feeders

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About the feeders...

I create these unique bird feeders from decorated durable melamine. All metal components are painted and sealed with environmentally safe, rust resistant products. A hand crafted flower and bird acrylic sun catcher hangs from the bottom of the feeder.

BF116- Trick or Tweet Hanging Halloween Bird Feeder

Why not treat your backyard birds to a seasonal feeder featuring a Halloween favorite...candy corn! Created out of decorated melamine. in tones of orange, black and yellow, this feeder is sure to get the attention of the birds. A great addition to your Halloween and Fall garden décor. Easy to clean and fill! Add one of my bird seed jars for the perfect gift!
Price: $25

BF111- Covered Hanging Bird Feeder With Stripes

This covered hanging bird feeder is a colorful, fun addition to your garden decor! Created out of decorated melamine, built to withstand the elements and the squirrels! The generous sized bowl features a colorful striped design in tones of red, lime, turquoise and navy blue. The coordinating red cover keeps your bird seed dry, and adds protection for your feathered friends. Hanging from the bottom of your feeder, is an adorable handmade blue acrylic bird that catches the sunlight!

BIRD FEEDER DIMENSIONS: 10" tall to top of hook, Bowl: 6 inches wide, Top: 9" wide
Price: $25

Hand-painted Terra Cotta Bird Feeders

Female Eastern Bluebird in Topiary bird feeder

About the feeders...

If you love to feed backyard birds, you will love this feeder as much as your feathered friends! Watch as small birds like chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and wrens, fly inside to dine, sheltered from the elements and those pesky squirrels!

Made out of sturdy terra cotta, these feeders won't rot or get chewed up like wooden ones. Squirrels don't stand a chance! Hang them on a hook in your garden, or by a window and let the fun begin! Check out my personal photograph of a chickadee eating from my Topiary designed feeder.

  • 7 1/2" tall by 6" wide
  • 3 2'-wide arch windows
  • drain plug for easy cleaning
  • environmentally safe materials will not harm birds


    BF100- Butterflies and Flowers Ceramic Bird Feeder

    This sturdy, hand pottered terra cotta/ceramic bird feeder is perfect for small birds! Surrounding the three arch window openings are hand painted silkscreen flowers and butterflies in a pearl pink and purple tone. The roof of the feeder is painted a shamrock green color. Watch as small birds fly in and out of three arched windows to feed! display.*This feeder is created with oven cured ceramic paint, so please allow 2 weeks for your feeder to be created.

    Price: $32

    Roof Color

    The black-capped chickadee is the state bird of Massachusetts and Maine, but it is common to the northern US and Canada. Chickadees are one of the easiest birds to attract to feeders, for suet, sunflower, and peanuts. They love this hanging feeder.

    Price: $32

    BF102- Feathered Friends Bird Feeder

    The American Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa, and Washington. It is common at feeders and prefers sunflower seeds and nyjer.

    Every side of this feeder displays a different bird! Surrounding the three arched window openings are a hand-painted goldfinch, wren, chickadee, titmouse and a robin. Easy to set up and clean; its the perfect size for any garden. They make a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift!

    Price: $32

    BF103- Topiary Bird Feeder

    This hand painted Topiary Bird Feeder features pretty potted topiary trees adorned with bright red ribbons. Nestled under the three arched entrance windows is a green topiary heart. Click the links to see a black capped chickadee and female Eastern Bluebird enjoying this feeder!
    Price: $32

    BF104- Flowers & Bugs Feeder

    Hand painted pansies, sunflowers, roses, morning glories, butterflies and bees surround this sturdy terra cotta feeder. Watch as small birds like chickadees, wrens, titmice and more fly in and out of three arched windows to dine. Hang one in your yard today, and let the fun begin!
    Price: $32

    BF105- Garden Fairy Feeder

    Why not hang some "art" in your garden! One of my best selling designs, the Garden Fairy is created in hues of purple, yellow and green. Add the matching flower pot and your garden will surely get attention.
    Price: $32

    BF106- Hummingbird Bird Feeder

    Ruby Throated hummingbirds and pink fuschia flowers adorn this hand painted terra cotta bird feeder. Make sure to check out the flower pot page to see the matching hummingbird pot!
    Price: $32

    Roof Color

    BF107- Wild Flowers Bird Feeder

    Lovely wild flowers in shades of pink, raspberry, and blue surround the three arched entrance windows on this feeder. Birds love to cling to the sides of the feeder or dine inside. Check out the Topiary Feeder to see pictures of birds using my personal feeder!
    Price: $32

    Roof Color

    Wreath & Garland Bird Feeder
    BF108- Wreath & Garland Bird Feeder

    Inspired by the fresh fruit wreaths seen in Colonial Williamsburg, this hand painted terra cotta bird feeder is a beautiful accent to your backyard garden. What a lovely gift for the bird lover in your life!
    Price: $32

    Roof Color

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    Bird Color Choice

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